Thanksgiving Drabbles - A Woman For Her Time

Sometimes it's the weak and helpless who have to speak up for peace and for help. And sometimes the people we imagine to be strong are weak and helpless too.

23. Esther

It was the rule. The King could not be approached unless he called for you. The King decides who the King will see. And if you disturb him you die.

 "Perhaps you were placed here for this," said Mordecai, his voice resounding in Esther's head while she imagined in a moment she'd be dead. What made him so sure? How could he even know God cared any more?

So Esther stood in the doorway shivering with fear, and the king turned to smile. "Esther, come here."

She did not fall. The Lord had made her queen to save them all.

Thank you God that every place we find ourselves

 is the right place at the right time for you.


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