Thanksgiving Drabbles - flight into exile

I'm late - I'm late - I'm catching up but I'm late. Please don't exile my blog!

21. Exile

"Run to the hills!" The city was burning. Rubble choked the streets. Black smoke soiled the air. And above it all, the Temple walls blazed red like the wrath of God.

Refugees hurried in helpless lines into the desert. Gray-brown sand formed a cloud around them. Ashes fell on their heads, while their captors mocked with jangling armor and rattling sacks of Temple artifacts.

"Run!" they shouted, but mothers and children were parted, brothers and sisters screaming and wailing, "Run where?"

"Run away." Fierce soldiers lined the path with their spears. In the end it was easiest just to obey.

Thank you God for staying with us
 even when we run away.


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