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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

November drips - 20

She lies so still
Tail flicks and stirs
Her memories
Her dreams.
I touch her rumpled silken fur
In memories
And miss her

With thanks for pets

November drips - 19

My friend can’t eat meat this Thanksgiving
Because of the dentist
And things done to her teeth—
Giving thanks for dentists
And food—
Eating greens.

Written with thanks for doctors and dentists and opticians

November drips - 18

Beware the ice of March
Might sliding slip;
Beware the hours of April’s
Windy showers;
Beware the flowers of May,
Ice marching over
Frozen t-Ides.

Written with thanks for the weather, cold or warm

November drips - 17

In falling rain
Down-pouring drips
That wash the dirt to drain
And clog its flow;
In swirling stain
Remember sunshine;
Words will give you this.

Written with thanks for reading and writing

November drips - 16

Never been kissed,
Not so’s she’d want to remember,
Fleeing the dance…

Never kissed her
Missed his chance, so it seemed…

Then kissed’n redeemed her.

Written with thanks for second chances

November drips - 15

Fruit of heaven
Delight to the soul
The world’s best antidepressant
Unbounded joy.

Gives you pimples
Absorbs tomorrows
Makes you fat.


Written with thanks for... chocolate