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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

What's a Pixar Pitch?

I've been reading Daniel Pink's book, To Sell Is Human, and I'm trying to write some Pixar Pitches. Here's an attempt to pitch the Five-Minute Bible Story Series:

Once upon a time everyone kept their Bibles safe and tidy on the shelf. Every day they walked past their bookshelves, secure in the knowledge that sacredness was safe, while only allowing fathers, elders and pastors to read the holy words. One day educated children started asking awkward questions about faith and science. Because of that, people began keeping their science books safely locked up too. Because of that, some fathers, elders and pastors began calling science anti-faith, questions anti-hope, and imagination anti-everything. Until finally the children opened the Bibles and science books for themselves, asked lots of questions, imagined the lives of historical characters, and realized God was big enough to answer whatever they threw at him.

For parents and children who may not yet have realized this, I offer Five-Minute stories based on the Bible, science and history, fully faithful to each inasmuch as I'm able to make them. Enjoy!

Friday, September 29, 2017

Stained glass windows at Exposition

What light through yonder window shines?
What shimmered ray beyond the gloom,
With splintered rainbows diamond-mined?
Then if the day seems gone too soon
What truth beyond the window-pane?
Sunshine will follow rain.

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Monstrance at Exposition

Sunrays llike a crown of thorns
Sharp as nails to hold you down
But lift the cloth and all around
Shall see your glory now.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Gifts at Exposition

We 'cased him in gold with
Silver threads woven
We forgot we'd been told
He was 'trusting his world to
Our care.
We laid bare the ground and
Destroyed all the gifts he
Had made
Except for the gold where
He hangs so he weeps for
Us there.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Mother and child at Exposition

Did your child eyes in innocense
See how your life would end?
Did your child heart begin to sense
The pain your path would send?
Then did your mother dry your tears
And did she calm your fears?
For you were child and infant first
Before you died for me.

When your child fingers worked with wood
Did you percieve the cross?
When your child lips ate mother's food
Did you taste death and loss
Or did you taste the bread of life?
Did mother soothe your strife?
For you were child and infant first
Before you died for me.

With arms held wide a child might fly;
Did you see how you'd die?
With crown of love a child's delight
Did thorns then blur your sight?
With mother's arms to comfort then
Till time and seasons right
My lord was child and infant and
For me he lived and died.