Easter Sunday

Risen Indeed What threatened us was promise
And what we feared was hope.
In the grave we laid himLeft him then he rose. Do not fear he whispered.
Tell the world he said
Love to loveless givenRisen from the dead. Now he gives us promise
Hope instead of fear.
In the grave our trials
Were crushed. The future’s here! He’s risen indeed!

Holy Saturday

Holy Saturday’s Planting Yellow in the green grass, suns
Are lit, and, passing, Easter’s Son
Has fit the crime to gift of
Bread and wine. The Son-shine lifts,
And yellow lions bend their heads to Him.
I touch the yellow lion, see
God’s Lion set me free.

Good Friday

Behold! Behold the wood—
And cloth of purple dyed is slipped aside—
Behold the cross on which he died.
Behold the wood. And so I cry—
I did not ask that he should die for me—
And yet I weep
And yet this vigil keep.
Behold the wood. I am not good.
I do not do the good I would
And what I should not, do,
Yet even with my woulds and shoulds and coulds
He says I’m good enough—
Behold the wood—
For him to pay my price. So on that tree—
Behold the wood—
He died for me—
Behold the wood—
That I might be—
Behold the wood—
So much much more than me.
Behold the wood. Behold—I will behold,
And I will try.
Behold, he dies. And he will rise.

Holy Thursday

Bread and Wine Bread and bitter herbs and oil
Sponge was dipped in gall
Wine with water smoothly blends
While blood and water pour
One of you betrays me, we
All ask Not I? while each
Betrays him when the end is near
And each forgiven cries
He’s risen; where am I to go from here?

Pixar Pitching Hemlock

Once upon a time a nice Irish family moved to a nice American town called Hemlock Edge. But the Irish girl's father was a magician. Every day Dad worked at his tricks, the children went to school, and Mom made herbal teas for the neighbors. One day Siobhan awoke from a nightmare to find that her dreams were "almost" real. Because of that, she began to see her friends and neighbors differently. Because of that, certain friends and neighbors began to see her differently too. Until finally she caught the attention of witches and wizards alike, and found herself in the middle of ancient battles and mysterious powers.

Siobhan and her friends will have to choose a side, and try to choose right, in HEMLOCK EDGE by Sheila Deeth

Pixar Pitching Mathemafiction

Once upon a time the small town of Paradise was a peaceful place where everyone knew everyone else. Every day parents went to work, children went to school, mothers drank coffee in the park while toddlers played, and ducks swam on the pond. One day a girl disappeared. Because of that, people stopped talking to each other. Because of that, the peaceful town of Paradise began to fall apart. Until finally a small boy taught his mother a big lesson about forgiveness, and she passed it on.

And so the town Divided was reunited - DIVIDE BY ZERO by Sheila Deeth

What's a Pixar Pitch?

I've been reading Daniel Pink's book, To Sell Is Human, and I'm trying to write some Pixar Pitches. Here's an attempt to pitch the Five-Minute Bible Story Series:

Once upon a time everyone kept their Bibles safe and tidy on the shelf. Every day they walked past their bookshelves, secure in the knowledge that sacredness was safe, while only allowing fathers, elders and pastors to read the holy words. One day educated children started asking awkward questions about faith and science. Because of that, people began keeping their science books safely locked up too. Because of that, some fathers, elders and pastors began calling science anti-faith, questions anti-hope, and imagination anti-everything. Until finally the children opened the Bibles and science books for themselves, asked lots of questions, imagined the lives of historical characters, and realized God was big enough to answer whatever they threw at him.

For parents and children who may not yet have realized this,…