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Friday, May 13, 2016

140 misunderstandings

Not so remarkable; he planned to stand where she’d lain, two feet on her grave. But incoherent misunderstanding ruled. He feasted. She rose.

140 -back from the dead

Remarkably alive, she who had died, returned from her recent grave, incoherent as ever. I still couldn’t understand a word, which was why...

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

140 Instagram photos

You must have wonderful flowers in your yard said my friend, but I don’t. I just photograph each one as it appears and post it on Instagram.

140 facebook teammates

Misreading Facebook: groups make it easier to share with friends, family & termites. But are termites really a team? Friend or foe, or both?

140 betwixt the ending and the start

Betwixt the planets & the stars, a darkness waits with beating heart, narrating time itself betwixt the ending & the start; ‘tis not so far.

140 betwixt those planets and stars

Sometimes he worried she’d talk him to death, going on about planets and stars, then betwixt one word & next, his alien talked him to death.