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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

February drips - 29

Fiery hearts of cruel strength meet fiery blaze of God’s intent. Lament the glorious cities burned to dust. “Trust,” says the angel. “Run. Run now.”

For Lent

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

February drips - 28

Called to sacrifice his son, beloved--which one?--on Salem’s mount. Called to receive his son redeemed, this one, from heaven’s bounteous plenty overflowing evermore.

For Lent

Monday, February 27, 2012

February drips - 27

Called to wander through the land, called to follow heaven’s hand, called to stop and stay and stand, believe, a million stars your promise Abraham.

For Lent

February drips - 26

Building castles, towers to heaven. What a hassle. Men can conquer all, see God. Breaking castles, towers fall, the rabble babbles. God instead sees them.

For Lent

February drips - 25

Global warming, shrinking rivers, burning crops, hot sun devours, and Noah builds an ark. Rising ocean, flooded village, rain and thunder roar, and Noah floats.

For Lent

February drips - 24

Brother’s meat smelled sweeter on the fire than burning wheat. Brother’s life bled redder on the ground. And brother’s keeper fled but Father spared him.

For Lent

February drips - 23

In perfect harmony, all time and space, all constants, all behavior, life and death in perfect balance, every breath was right until we broke it.

For Lent