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Monday, May 28, 2012

May drips - 22

Foxes have holes and birds have nests.
No atheists in foxholes, said
The wise, as if they’d turn them out.
All welcome here
God said.

May drips - 21

He dreams in tongues of fire and death, survival his desire.
She dreams in tongues of heaven, love’s revival,
Man and wife will dream again.

May drips - 20

Under the tree where leaves were dreams on platters freely served he spoke of love then served his land, now lies, like dreams on platters.

May drips - 19

Red poppies tell of blood once spilled and grow like wild-sown dreams on fields. I love their petals, love to feel they’re ever growing free.

May drips - 18

Thank you for your service friend
The phrase repeats, the service never ends.
Thank you for your service
For the price you paid for me.

May drips - 17

I heard it on the news.
It doesn’t change.
So small I heard a child at war
Had tied. Today
The news is old again.