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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

August dribbles - 31

Crowds and noise; I wasn’t sure we’d make it. Clutched the kid’s hand tight; held onto the case. Dan hurried behind with the trunk.

It’s like the dock was a waterfall. No turning away. Then Ted dropped his teddy, slipped free; Dan and I hurried after.

Titanic sailed without us

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

August dribbles - 30

A moment
A minute
An hour
A longing for
Waiting for
Hoping for
To stop time
Rock time
Mock time
Long time
Strong time
Shrinking time
Sinking time
Second time
A whisper
A whimper
A gasp
In the push
In the pause
In the laws’

August dribbles - 29

Did you laugh?                         
You thought it strange perhaps
That pigs should fly?               

Did you cry?                          
You thought it sad perhaps
That piglets die?

Did you eat?
It tasted perfectly
Salt on the tongue.

And then you laughed  
Dear vegetarian
While we spent long 

Long hours where
Nobody's meant to laugh.

August dribbles - 28

There was a time I ran upstairs
On silent feet and nobody was there; 
Looked in the mirror
Not even me.                                      

I imagined you’d be happier if I’d go.     

There was a time you ran around                      
On silent feet I couldn’t find you
But I’ll stay.   

I'll stay for you.  

August dribbles - 27

We leapt from the elevator, ran, sweet meter maid still a meter away. I gasped, “Just in…”
“But how?” A pink paper note decorated his screen. He started to read.
“Bea, some idiot’s smashed my door.”
“What door?”
“The driver’s side.”
Meter-maid gave him his ticket and walked on.

August dribbles - 26

Life and soul of the party she…
Well, maybe, or maybe silently she…
So raise your drinks and Bottoms Up! And she…
Lips will you kiss them? She…
Lips chasing destiny of curious words, she…
Never quite finishes a sentence.
So drain that coffee cup and type, she…

Thursday, August 25, 2011

August dribbles - 25

“Mocha please”                                    
“A mocha.”                                         
“Do you want to order something?”
“A mocha please.”                                
“One mocha please.”                            
“One mocha. One cheese bagel.”
“No bagel.”                                         
“Six dollars sixtysix cents.”
“But I didn’t want a bagel.”                   
“Then when did you buy one?”
“I wanted a mocha                               

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

August dribbles - 24

David was reading his screen. Alice was moving the mouse around wildly. Quite disturbing really. David huffed. Alice stopped. The mouse ran back to its hole. 

Afterwards David barked. Alice miaowed and ran. Then the mouse came out, chewed the wire and the computer fried.

David read the newspaper instead.