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Friday, July 27, 2012

July drips - 21

Infinite impossibilities, they call this place, where every second’s redone at the ticking of every person’s personal choice and clock, all time expanding infinitely, impossibly.

July drips - 20

Beach balls volley over Olympic nets while ancient buildings stare and unprepared turns into sudden hope and certainty. We all run further than we think.

July drips - 19

If they open the gates of history, open the stage to tomorrow, stand among echoes of sorrow and cry out for joy, they’re feeling Olympic.

July drips - 18

Feeling Olympic, running the marathon’s trail, riding high on the wind and if it rains, we’ll run again; feeling Olympian, never gives up. Ride on.

July drips - 17

Feeling Olympic, rushed and pushed, and furiously blue, but colored rings ignite a flame that’s more than you, than them, than they. Possibilities bloom Olympian.

July drips - 16

Got a football team of youth and age while in-betweens recover from the season. This Olympic stage perhaps is well-designed for coming, going, rising again.