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Monday, November 30, 2015

Thanksgiving Drabbles - The Grand Finale

In all times, in all places, under all sorrows and buoyed by all joys, may we be thankful for what we will be given, and be grateful to God.

30. Restoration
Flowers have bloomed in the desert. Streams are flowing where the sand was dry and gray. Trees as glorious as those of any land will rise from the soil. And the toil of man together with the blessing of God will bring forth fruit.

Children have sung in the place where tears were shed. The living have filled the cities that were haunted by the dead. They have tilled the earth. And voices that wept in sorrow are singing with mirth. For the people of God are returned, and the world is restored.

God sees. And it will be beautiful.

Thank you God.

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Thanksgiving Drabble - Kristallnacht - May We Never Forget

We don't have to repeat the sins of the past. May we never forget. May we never repeat, whoever we imagine our enemies to be. May we be thankful, and, in thankfulness, be kind.

29. Fall of Hope
They sat at table to eat, then some were dead and others fled. They lay in bed asleep, then some were dead and others fled. They lost their jobs and friends. Their children's playing ended. Papers were closed and meeting together forbidden.

The crash of glass was windows smashed in the street. Smoke was the burning of buildings and books, and destruction of houses of worship. Screams were the voice of the people of God, crying in the wilderness. And symbols they wore were death decreed by those who should have spoken life.

Then earthly strife surrenders and heaven restores.

Thank you God for forgiveness and healing

 and restoration.

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Thanksgiving Drabbles - With The Patience Of Job

Patience. That's something I definitely need more of. What about you?

28. Fall of the Temple
Once there was a man who lost everything: his children dead; his flocks and property destroyed. And he still trusted God.

Once there was a man who had nothing left but his health and he lost that too. His wife shouted, “Curse God and die,” but the man still trusted God.

Once there was a man whose friends demanded he tell them what he’d done wrong. But he still trusted God.

And once a great people were blessed with the Temple of God and the temple was destroyed. The people continued trusting God and God promised, He will never forget.

Thank you God that you will never forget us
or forsake us.

Friday, November 27, 2015

Thanksgiving Drabbles - Who wins?

Does the world ever change? Or do laborers still get blown up in their fields, women get shot as they stand in the kitchen, children die at play and priests at prayer? Thankfully, God never changes either, and He's still there to save us - and to save "them."

27. Fall of the City
The laborers worked the fields, tilling the ground, and guarding the flocks. In a moment, some were dead and others fled.

The women stood at the wheel in conversation, grinding flour. In a moment, some were dead and others fled.

The children were playing, the singers making music, the priests at prayer, and no one seemed afraid. But suddenly the soldiers came, wrecking the houses and tearing the temple down, not a stone left standing. Then nothing was left but rubble thrown on the ground.

The survivors looked out from their caves in the hills, crying their prayers to God.
Thank you God that nothing

can separate us from you.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Thanksgiving Drabbles - Happy Thanksgiving !

The Old Testament books are shared and beloved by those of many faiths. But what happens when the Old Testament days are done. Then Rome invades. Then cruel powers dictate. But even then, we should gather to be thankful.

26. Fall from Power

"If I ask for your cloak, you give me your cloak. Okay?" the soldier demanded. The poor man nodded then shivered with cold while the soldier wrapped up his sword and marched away.

 "If I tell you to carry my load, you carry my load," said the loud official. And the poor man lifted the heavy pack and walked a long slow mile without complaint.

 "If I strike your face, and knock you down, you stand up again and you smile." So the poor man smiled.

 The conquerors understood how to make certain the conquered knew who was in charge.

Thank you God that you are in charge;

when we are weak you are strong to save us.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Thanksgiving Drabbles - Hanukkah

Okay, it's not really Hanukkah today, but it's the 25th of the month of Thanksgiving, so it's not entirely inappropriate.

25. Hanukkah!
How do you rebuild what is broken and dirtied and destroyed? Where do you begin?

They ripped out the altar and built it anew. They set new stones to reform the walls and cleansed the undergrowth that had wrecked the pavement. They brought back the lamp and incense and table and laid them in their proper place. And they prepared the sacrifice.

But all their labors were in vain; there was scarcely oil even to light the lamp.

How do you rebuild? You pray to God. Then the teaspoon of oil lasted eight days long and the Temple was restored.

Thank you God for the festivals

 that bring us back to you.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Thanksgiving Drabbles - The Refugees' Return

It's so much easier to stay than to leave. Perhaps we should admire the ones who go, who try, who exit their comfort zone to find something better.

24. Rebuilding the Walls

“Shall we stay? Shall we go?”

The king had decreed that the people could go home. But where was home? “We have our lives here, houses, families, friends…Shall we stay? Shall we go?”

The king had decreed that they could rebuild the temple to their God. The rocks would rise as walls again. The altar would stand. The sacrifice would be offered and they would be blessed.

“Shall we stay? Shall we go?”

And the priest decreed that they should live in tents and keep the festival; remember the past, because the Lord was their future and their home.

Thank you God that you mend what is broken

 and restore what is taken away.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Thanksgiving Drabbles - A Woman For Her Time

Sometimes it's the weak and helpless who have to speak up for peace and for help. And sometimes the people we imagine to be strong are weak and helpless too.

23. Esther

It was the rule. The King could not be approached unless he called for you. The King decides who the King will see. And if you disturb him you die.

 "Perhaps you were placed here for this," said Mordecai, his voice resounding in Esther's head while she imagined in a moment she'd be dead. What made him so sure? How could he even know God cared any more?

So Esther stood in the doorway shivering with fear, and the king turned to smile. "Esther, come here."

She did not fall. The Lord had made her queen to save them all.

Thank you God that every place we find ourselves

 is the right place at the right time for you.

Thanksgiving Drabbles - Feast and Famine

Daniel and his friends weren't celiacs like me, but God had given them lots of dietary restrictions, to keep them safe in the desert and to keep them devoted to Him. Would they stick to the rules when their captors proved generous and kind?

22. Daniel

"You're lucky," said the guard, but Daniel didn't feel lucky. "You've been chosen. They're going to teach you; make something special out of you."

 "You'll get the best food," he added, leading the youths to a table loaded high. Rich meats and sauces were piled on plates; loaves baked from the finest wheat; fruits stirred enticingly with honey and cream. Their mouths watered. Their stomachs ached to enjoy.

 But, "No," said Daniel. "Feed us plain fruit."

All his friends thought he was mad. "Why?" they asked.

"Because if we follow God's rules He will make something special out of us."

Thank you God that each and every one of us

 is special.

Thanksgiving Drabbles - flight into exile

I'm late - I'm late - I'm catching up but I'm late. Please don't exile my blog!

21. Exile

"Run to the hills!" The city was burning. Rubble choked the streets. Black smoke soiled the air. And above it all, the Temple walls blazed red like the wrath of God.

Refugees hurried in helpless lines into the desert. Gray-brown sand formed a cloud around them. Ashes fell on their heads, while their captors mocked with jangling armor and rattling sacks of Temple artifacts.

"Run!" they shouted, but mothers and children were parted, brothers and sisters screaming and wailing, "Run where?"

"Run away." Fierce soldiers lined the path with their spears. In the end it was easiest just to obey.

Thank you God for staying with us
 even when we run away.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Thanksgiving Drabbles - Solomon's Style

More drabbles for thankfulness:

20. The Politician

The Queen arrived in pomp and style, resting on cushions in her chamber as the ship sailed the seas. She came to port, then rode through bustling streets to the city of gold, seeking audience with the King.

The King received her in pomp and style, resting on cushions in his chamber surrounded by glory. He gave her food and talked of wisdom, business, kingdoms and power. He told of sacrifice and faithfulness, and the wondrous blessings of the Lord.

Sealing friendship with gifts, promising alliance, giving praise to Him who reigns, they parted then to rule their God-given domains.

Thank you God for the society that surrounds us.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Thanksgiving Drabbles - the King, the Sheep, and the Harp

More drabbles for Thanksgiving and thankfulness:

19. The Musician

He made music in the fields where sheep trod soft green paths on the hills of his home. He made music in the palace where the old king groaned and raged with an anger unknown. He made music in caves where soldiers sang, where walls rang out with war. And he danced his joy before the throne of God.

When they brought back the ark through city streets, the king rejoiced and sang. His wife poured scorn and laughed at the scene, but David’s song was born in the heart of the Lord.

The music and the psalms survive forever.

Thank you God for the music

 that uplifts and pleases us.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Thanksgiving Drabbles - Meet the King-to-be, Saul

Thanksgiving is worth at least 100 words a day:

18. The King

"Have you seen my father's donkeys?" the young man asked. The prophet made him sit and eat, gave him a place to sleep, then told him God's message: "You've been chosen as king."

Strangers were standing by Rachel's tomb.
"Have you seen the donkeys?"
"Yes," said the strangers, "but they went home. Your father's looking for you."

"Have you seen...?" he asked the men with three goats, three loaves and a jug of wine. They gave him bread.

"Have you seen...?" He danced with the seers.

"Have you seen the new king?" the people asked. The prophet showed them Saul.

Thank you God for the people who lead us.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

140 dragon eggs

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140 bob

“Bob’s your uncle.”
No he’s not.“
Why not?”
I’ve got no uncles.
“Bob’s your aunt?”
Indeed, Roberta.
& with a flourish finished the play.

Thanksgiving Drabbles - Hero in a Wine-Press

Still celebrating Thanksgiving in daily 100-word tales:

17. Gideon
Enemies were all around, and the women and children were starving. Gideon hid in a wine-press to thresh wheat so his masters wouldn't see. Then a stranger appeared.

"Mighty warrior," the stranger said.
"Who. Me?"
"The Lord is with you."
"Then why doesn't he help?"
"He's sending you."

In the dark of night, Gideon threw down all their statues to strange deities. He sacrificed a seven-year bull on the altar of his God.
"The Lord is with us," Gideon said.
"Why doesn't he help?"
"He's sending us."
Three-hundred men—and God's right hand—went into battle and redeemed the land.

Thank you God for letting us take part in your plan.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Thanksgiving drabbles - Conquest of Jericho

Still celebrating Thanksgiving with a month of drabbles:

16. Jericho

Land of the enemy--land of plenty; hand of the adversary--hand of God.

"They can't win," said the leader. "Our walls are solid. We have water and stores. We can wait them out." All the same, he sent guards to the battlements to keep watch. "Don't waste ammunition. Just observe, and if they attack we'll send them packing."

So they looked on while strangers in royal garb carried a treasure chest around the walls. Marching, sounding trumpets, nothing more. "They're crazy!" But they weren't.

On the seventh day, the walls of the city fell down. This land was God's.

Thank you God for your faithfulness.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Thanksgiving Drabbles - Crossing the Desert

Still celebrating Thanksgiving with a month-long book of thanks...

15. Desert Days

“Hold the tent-pole still.”
“Now fasten that peg.”

The frames were slowly fitted in place—purple curtains, embroidered in crimson, threaded over their poles; gold loops and bright bronze buckles shining like fire in the desert sun. And the holiest place was covered and safe, with table, lamps and altar arrayed around. They were settled again.

“I’m hungry Mom.”
“Don’t worry son. After the prayers, we’ll have meat.”
“I’m tired Mom.”
“Don’t worry son. After we’ve eaten we’ll sleep.”

“I want to stay here Mom.”
“Don’t worry.” But then they packed the tents away and wandered the desert again.

Thank you God for your guidance.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Festival of Drabbles - The Gift Of Law

In Celebration of Thanksgiving and this week's wonderful Festival of Drabbles Follow the link and join in all the fun!

14. Ten Commandments

Aaron stood by the fire at the base of the mountain. The people were afraid, their leader gone, hopes lost; they'd dreamed of more...

Released from Egypt on eagles' wings, seas parting to let them pass, deserts giving sustenance born of the nectar of God...

But now the heavens warred and foreign armies, shouting praise to strange gods, marched before them, armed for battle.

The gold that Aaron tossed on the flames burned into the shape of a calf. But even as the people cried, Moses returned. And God who saved them gave a finer gift—the gift of law.

Thank you God for your laws

and for making life make sense.

Friday, November 13, 2015

Festival of Drabbles - The Sermon on the Mount?

In Celebration of Thanksgiving and this week's wonderful Festival of Drabbles. 100 words can say an awful lot.

13. Fire and Smoke

Night fell. The smoke from the mountain turned to fire, red sparks like stars in the roaring sky, earth trembling, people quivering with fear. “No further,” said Moses. “Here’s where we camp.” And he sent them to wash in the river that watered the plain, to prepare their clothes and their bodies and their gifts.

Dawn came. The mountain-top was clothed with darkness, roiling and black. Thunder roared and lightning flashed its darts. The rocks vibrated to trumpet blasts that bellowed louder and longer through the ground.

“Wait,” said Moses as the people gathered round. Then he listened to God.

Thank you God for allowing us to listen to you.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Festival of Drabbles - A Way to Escape

In Celebration of Thanksgiving and this week's wonderful Festival of Drabbles. Join us; just follow the link!

12. Red Sea Crossing

They hurried down the hill to the water, dust in the air from soldiers chasing after them. “Faster, faster” they cried.

But they found the shore road blocked by chariots from the North and they were trapped.

Moses stood by the sea and prayed. Mothers counted children, and herdsmen their flocks; fruit in heavy baskets; treasures in bags to pay for water. They had all they needed except a way to escape.

And a cold wind blew—louder than armies, wilder than arrows in the sky; wind like a sword that cut the sea in half and set them free.

Thank you God for your awesome power.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Festival of Drabbles - Dead Fish and the Passover Lamb

In Celebration of Thanksgiving and this week's wonderful Festival of Drabbles. Follow the link and try your hand at writing your own drabbles too.

11. Passover

“Why are we standing up to eat?”
“Because God told us to.”
“But why?”

Their bags were packed, their animals herded into pens and ready to go. Blood from the sacrifice smeared their doors, and now they ate hurriedly, as if embarking on a journey before dawn.

Outside the wind’s low wail turned to mourning and weeping. Suddenly the messenger was running through the streets. “Pharaoh said ‘Yes.’ Quick now. It’s time to go.”

“Why do we have to leave?”
“Because God says so. Because we’re free.”
“And why are the Egyptians giving us their treasures?”
“They’re glad we’re going.”

Thank you God for your perfect timing.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Festival of Drabbles - God Of The Burning Bush

In Celebration of Thanksgiving and this week's Festival of Drabbles. Follow the link for lots more drabbles and the chance to join in the fun!

10. Mourning in Egypt

“Did you hear what he did?”
“Killed a guy!” The news spread fast. The Egyptian Jew had murdered an Egyptian guard.
“He’ll get us all killed.”
“Nah, we’ll be okay. I heard he’d run away.”

“Did you hear what he said? Aaron’s brother.”
“He’s back?”
“Yes—he says God spoke to him out of a bush. Says we’re going to go free.”
“I’ll believe it when I see it.”

“Did you hear?” “Hear what?”
“Moses and Aaron, they went to the Pharaoh. They’re really gonna do it.”
“God’s going to do it you mean. He’s heard us at last.”

Thank you God for your care,
and for listening to our complaints.

Monday, November 9, 2015

Festival of Drabbles - What You Meant For Ill

In Celebration of Thanksgiving and this week's wonderful Festival of Drabbles

9. Rejoicing in Egypt

Trapped by soldiers, they had no choice but to return. Accused by pharaoh’s man, they had no defense. Betrayed again by friendship’s pretense, the brothers marched in chains on desert sand.

From dusty field to towering citadel; through golden gates to tapestried halls; from freedom to imprisonment, till they stood at the throne and begged, “Take me, not Ben.”

Then the foreign lord hugged the youngest, son of his mother, dearest to his soul.

“What you meant for ill, God made for good,” said Joseph, and welcomed them all. So the family were fed and found safety in Egypt’s land.

Thank you God

 for the mystery and wonder of your plans.

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Festival of Drabbles - Flights of Angels

In Celebration of Thanksgiving and the Festival of Drabbles - starting tomorrow!

8. Flight of Jacob

This time, Jacob knew he’d gone too far. He ran away.

Every stone that settled behind unsettled him. Was his brother there?

Every darting bird might be a slingshot expertly thrown. Every shadow might hide the shape of Jacob’s death. Because Esau was the hunter, the skillful one, and Jacob was tired.

Night fell. He stopped to raise his tent, watching the stars until his eyes grew heavy. Then angels climbed their ladder overhead on the road to heaven.

Not too far after all, thought Jacob; God was watching him still. And angel wings would beat to guard his path.

Thank you God for your protection.

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Festival of Drabbles - Sons and Brothers

In Celebration of Thanksgiving and the Festival of Drabbles - don't miss the festival, starting Monday!

7. Abraham’s Sons

“Don’t you have a brother?” said the father’s new wife. “He should come.” And it sounded like a favor, as if Isaac and Ishmael didn’t pass messages all the time as traders went by. Of course he’d travel to his father’s burial.

The years had kept the brothers apart till the other sons barely knew Ishmael existed. But now they all gazed at the graves. “He’s peaceful,” said Isaac. “No more wars. No arguments.”

Ishmael turned, refusing to look at the place where Sara lay. The hurt of years still burned in his dark eyes. No more wars—not today.

Thank you God for forgiveness and healing

and hope.

Friday, November 6, 2015

Festival of Drabbles - Fathers and Sons

In Celebration of Thanksgiving and the Festival of Drabbles - Don't miss it. The festival starts on Monday!

6. Abraham’s Sacrifice

The boy was tired of carrying his heavy load.
“Just a bit further.” His father sighed.
“Till when.”
“Till we reach where we’re going.”

They piled the wood near the edge of a cliff and looked out over the plain.
“Why did we come here?”
“God told us to.”
“Like when he told you to send my brother away?”

Then they stacked stones into an altar, piling the kindling on top.
“Where’s the sacrifice Dad?”
“God will provide,” his father replied with sorrow tearing his eyes, then he laughed again. “God has provided.” A ram stood waiting to be slain.

Thank you God for all that you have provided,

still provide, and will provide.