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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Festival of Drabbles - On Difference and Division

In Celebration of Thanksgiving and the Festival of Drabbles

4. Tower of Babel

The children of town and gown, of farmers, traders and fishermen ran round the building site. They pretended to be animals, angels and demons, or fairy folk. And the tower grew taller and higher every day.

“We’re going to climb all the way up to heaven.”
“Then we’ll see God.”
“Maybe angels.”
“Or monsters instead.”

When the children argued it always ended in another chasing game. When the grown-ups argued, traders broke agreements with fishermen. Farmers got into fights with professors. Then they stopped building their tower, and never found out if there was a God in heaven after all.

Thank you God for the gifts of all our different languages and cultures.

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