Thanksgiving Drabble - Kristallnacht - May We Never Forget

We don't have to repeat the sins of the past. May we never forget. May we never repeat, whoever we imagine our enemies to be. May we be thankful, and, in thankfulness, be kind.

29. Fall of Hope
They sat at table to eat, then some were dead and others fled. They lay in bed asleep, then some were dead and others fled. They lost their jobs and friends. Their children's playing ended. Papers were closed and meeting together forbidden.

The crash of glass was windows smashed in the street. Smoke was the burning of buildings and books, and destruction of houses of worship. Screams were the voice of the people of God, crying in the wilderness. And symbols they wore were death decreed by those who should have spoken life.

Then earthly strife surrenders and heaven restores.

Thank you God for forgiveness and healing

 and restoration.


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