Festival of Drabbles - God Of The Burning Bush

In Celebration of Thanksgiving and this week's Festival of Drabbles. Follow the link for lots more drabbles and the chance to join in the fun!

10. Mourning in Egypt

“Did you hear what he did?”
“Killed a guy!” The news spread fast. The Egyptian Jew had murdered an Egyptian guard.
“He’ll get us all killed.”
“Nah, we’ll be okay. I heard he’d run away.”

“Did you hear what he said? Aaron’s brother.”
“He’s back?”
“Yes—he says God spoke to him out of a bush. Says we’re going to go free.”
“I’ll believe it when I see it.”

“Did you hear?” “Hear what?”
“Moses and Aaron, they went to the Pharaoh. They’re really gonna do it.”
“God’s going to do it you mean. He’s heard us at last.”

Thank you God for your care,
and for listening to our complaints.


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