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Saturday, November 7, 2015

Festival of Drabbles - Sons and Brothers

In Celebration of Thanksgiving and the Festival of Drabbles - don't miss the festival, starting Monday!

7. Abraham’s Sons

“Don’t you have a brother?” said the father’s new wife. “He should come.” And it sounded like a favor, as if Isaac and Ishmael didn’t pass messages all the time as traders went by. Of course he’d travel to his father’s burial.

The years had kept the brothers apart till the other sons barely knew Ishmael existed. But now they all gazed at the graves. “He’s peaceful,” said Isaac. “No more wars. No arguments.”

Ishmael turned, refusing to look at the place where Sara lay. The hurt of years still burned in his dark eyes. No more wars—not today.

Thank you God for forgiveness and healing

and hope.

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