Thanksgiving Drabbles - Feast and Famine

Daniel and his friends weren't celiacs like me, but God had given them lots of dietary restrictions, to keep them safe in the desert and to keep them devoted to Him. Would they stick to the rules when their captors proved generous and kind?

22. Daniel

"You're lucky," said the guard, but Daniel didn't feel lucky. "You've been chosen. They're going to teach you; make something special out of you."

 "You'll get the best food," he added, leading the youths to a table loaded high. Rich meats and sauces were piled on plates; loaves baked from the finest wheat; fruits stirred enticingly with honey and cream. Their mouths watered. Their stomachs ached to enjoy.

 But, "No," said Daniel. "Feed us plain fruit."

All his friends thought he was mad. "Why?" they asked.

"Because if we follow God's rules He will make something special out of us."

Thank you God that each and every one of us

 is special.


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