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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Festival of Drabbles - Let Them Eat Healthy Meat

In Celebration of Thanksgiving and the Festival of Drabbles...

3. Noah’s Ark

“I’m hungry,” cried the boy.
“Soon,” said his mother.
“But I’m hungry now.”

The ship had sailed through rain and flood while their village and all they knew was washed away—nothing left but the clothes they wore and animals crying out in the bowels of the boat.

“I’m hungry.” They landed on a hill-top where Noah’s altar scented the air with the savor of roasting meat.

“Mommy, cook for us too.” But the animals, dead and drowned on the ground were forbidden, and the beasts from the ark had run away.

They shared God’s meal and promised to obey.

Thank you God for the wisdom to learn what’s safe and what will harm us.

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