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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Thanksgiving Drabbles - Hanukkah

Okay, it's not really Hanukkah today, but it's the 25th of the month of Thanksgiving, so it's not entirely inappropriate.

25. Hanukkah!
How do you rebuild what is broken and dirtied and destroyed? Where do you begin?

They ripped out the altar and built it anew. They set new stones to reform the walls and cleansed the undergrowth that had wrecked the pavement. They brought back the lamp and incense and table and laid them in their proper place. And they prepared the sacrifice.

But all their labors were in vain; there was scarcely oil even to light the lamp.

How do you rebuild? You pray to God. Then the teaspoon of oil lasted eight days long and the Temple was restored.

Thank you God for the festivals

 that bring us back to you.

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