Festival of Drabbles - The Sermon on the Mount?

In Celebration of Thanksgiving and this week's wonderful Festival of Drabbles. 100 words can say an awful lot.

13. Fire and Smoke

Night fell. The smoke from the mountain turned to fire, red sparks like stars in the roaring sky, earth trembling, people quivering with fear. “No further,” said Moses. “Here’s where we camp.” And he sent them to wash in the river that watered the plain, to prepare their clothes and their bodies and their gifts.

Dawn came. The mountain-top was clothed with darkness, roiling and black. Thunder roared and lightning flashed its darts. The rocks vibrated to trumpet blasts that bellowed louder and longer through the ground.

“Wait,” said Moses as the people gathered round. Then he listened to God.

Thank you God for allowing us to listen to you.


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