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Thursday, November 26, 2015

Thanksgiving Drabbles - Happy Thanksgiving !

The Old Testament books are shared and beloved by those of many faiths. But what happens when the Old Testament days are done. Then Rome invades. Then cruel powers dictate. But even then, we should gather to be thankful.

26. Fall from Power

"If I ask for your cloak, you give me your cloak. Okay?" the soldier demanded. The poor man nodded then shivered with cold while the soldier wrapped up his sword and marched away.

 "If I tell you to carry my load, you carry my load," said the loud official. And the poor man lifted the heavy pack and walked a long slow mile without complaint.

 "If I strike your face, and knock you down, you stand up again and you smile." So the poor man smiled.

 The conquerors understood how to make certain the conquered knew who was in charge.

Thank you God that you are in charge;

when we are weak you are strong to save us.

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