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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Thanksgiving Drabbles - Hero in a Wine-Press

Still celebrating Thanksgiving in daily 100-word tales:

17. Gideon
Enemies were all around, and the women and children were starving. Gideon hid in a wine-press to thresh wheat so his masters wouldn't see. Then a stranger appeared.

"Mighty warrior," the stranger said.
"Who. Me?"
"The Lord is with you."
"Then why doesn't he help?"
"He's sending you."

In the dark of night, Gideon threw down all their statues to strange deities. He sacrificed a seven-year bull on the altar of his God.
"The Lord is with us," Gideon said.
"Why doesn't he help?"
"He's sending us."
Three-hundred men—and God's right hand—went into battle and redeemed the land.

Thank you God for letting us take part in your plan.

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