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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Festival of Drabbles - Dead Fish and the Passover Lamb

In Celebration of Thanksgiving and this week's wonderful Festival of Drabbles. Follow the link and try your hand at writing your own drabbles too.

11. Passover

“Why are we standing up to eat?”
“Because God told us to.”
“But why?”

Their bags were packed, their animals herded into pens and ready to go. Blood from the sacrifice smeared their doors, and now they ate hurriedly, as if embarking on a journey before dawn.

Outside the wind’s low wail turned to mourning and weeping. Suddenly the messenger was running through the streets. “Pharaoh said ‘Yes.’ Quick now. It’s time to go.”

“Why do we have to leave?”
“Because God says so. Because we’re free.”
“And why are the Egyptians giving us their treasures?”
“They’re glad we’re going.”

Thank you God for your perfect timing.

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