Festival of Drabbles - The Gift Of Law

In Celebration of Thanksgiving and this week's wonderful Festival of Drabbles Follow the link and join in all the fun!

14. Ten Commandments

Aaron stood by the fire at the base of the mountain. The people were afraid, their leader gone, hopes lost; they'd dreamed of more...

Released from Egypt on eagles' wings, seas parting to let them pass, deserts giving sustenance born of the nectar of God...

But now the heavens warred and foreign armies, shouting praise to strange gods, marched before them, armed for battle.

The gold that Aaron tossed on the flames burned into the shape of a calf. But even as the people cried, Moses returned. And God who saved them gave a finer gift—the gift of law.

Thank you God for your laws

and for making life make sense.


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