Thanksgiving Drabbles - Who wins?

Does the world ever change? Or do laborers still get blown up in their fields, women get shot as they stand in the kitchen, children die at play and priests at prayer? Thankfully, God never changes either, and He's still there to save us - and to save "them."

27. Fall of the City
The laborers worked the fields, tilling the ground, and guarding the flocks. In a moment, some were dead and others fled.

The women stood at the wheel in conversation, grinding flour. In a moment, some were dead and others fled.

The children were playing, the singers making music, the priests at prayer, and no one seemed afraid. But suddenly the soldiers came, wrecking the houses and tearing the temple down, not a stone left standing. Then nothing was left but rubble thrown on the ground.

The survivors looked out from their caves in the hills, crying their prayers to God.
Thank you God that nothing

can separate us from you.


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