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Monday, November 9, 2015

Festival of Drabbles - What You Meant For Ill

In Celebration of Thanksgiving and this week's wonderful Festival of Drabbles

9. Rejoicing in Egypt

Trapped by soldiers, they had no choice but to return. Accused by pharaoh’s man, they had no defense. Betrayed again by friendship’s pretense, the brothers marched in chains on desert sand.

From dusty field to towering citadel; through golden gates to tapestried halls; from freedom to imprisonment, till they stood at the throne and begged, “Take me, not Ben.”

Then the foreign lord hugged the youngest, son of his mother, dearest to his soul.

“What you meant for ill, God made for good,” said Joseph, and welcomed them all. So the family were fed and found safety in Egypt’s land.

Thank you God

 for the mystery and wonder of your plans.

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