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Monday, November 16, 2015

Thanksgiving drabbles - Conquest of Jericho

Still celebrating Thanksgiving with a month of drabbles:

16. Jericho

Land of the enemy--land of plenty; hand of the adversary--hand of God.

"They can't win," said the leader. "Our walls are solid. We have water and stores. We can wait them out." All the same, he sent guards to the battlements to keep watch. "Don't waste ammunition. Just observe, and if they attack we'll send them packing."

So they looked on while strangers in royal garb carried a treasure chest around the walls. Marching, sounding trumpets, nothing more. "They're crazy!" But they weren't.

On the seventh day, the walls of the city fell down. This land was God's.

Thank you God for your faithfulness.

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