Thanksgiving Drabbles - Crossing the Desert

Still celebrating Thanksgiving with a month-long book of thanks...

15. Desert Days

“Hold the tent-pole still.”
“Now fasten that peg.”

The frames were slowly fitted in place—purple curtains, embroidered in crimson, threaded over their poles; gold loops and bright bronze buckles shining like fire in the desert sun. And the holiest place was covered and safe, with table, lamps and altar arrayed around. They were settled again.

“I’m hungry Mom.”
“Don’t worry son. After the prayers, we’ll have meat.”
“I’m tired Mom.”
“Don’t worry son. After we’ve eaten we’ll sleep.”

“I want to stay here Mom.”
“Don’t worry.” But then they packed the tents away and wandered the desert again.

Thank you God for your guidance.


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