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Sunday, November 8, 2015

Festival of Drabbles - Flights of Angels

In Celebration of Thanksgiving and the Festival of Drabbles - starting tomorrow!

8. Flight of Jacob

This time, Jacob knew he’d gone too far. He ran away.

Every stone that settled behind unsettled him. Was his brother there?

Every darting bird might be a slingshot expertly thrown. Every shadow might hide the shape of Jacob’s death. Because Esau was the hunter, the skillful one, and Jacob was tired.

Night fell. He stopped to raise his tent, watching the stars until his eyes grew heavy. Then angels climbed their ladder overhead on the road to heaven.

Not too far after all, thought Jacob; God was watching him still. And angel wings would beat to guard his path.

Thank you God for your protection.

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P.S. Joshi said...

Good story based on the Bible, Sheila. Well done. Suzanne Joshi.