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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

May dribbles - 24

My aunt and uncle had such beautiful things: painted plates with glorious rural scenes; statues of horses with delicate wooden carts; pottery gardens; clean-cut glass or painted china vases with exotic images… and an incongruous wooden fork, as long as your back, with carvings of a bear and an ass.

May dribbles - 23

“Whoever heard of a lion lying down with a lamb?” said Dan.
“But it happens in the Bible,” said his son, turning pages in his coloring book. “See Daddy. Look.”
“Never happen,” said Dan and stormed away; didn’t see the black bear and puppy dog safely asleep in the yard.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

May dribbles - 22

Alice wondered why a dog was in church.
“It’s a service dog,” said Mom.
Alice wondered if that meant first service or second, but Mom said “It’s a dog that helps people.”
Next week Alice brought her “service” teddy to church. It helped her sleep, arms wrapped in snuggly fur.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

May dribbles - 21

Cities had vanished beneath the waves but the family sailed for freedom anyway. They read Three Men in a boat and smiled, the man, the woman and child, while tiller turned to teddy bear’s hand. They sang It’s the End of the World as we know it, and knew it.

Friday, May 20, 2011

May dribbles - 20

Once big as he, it lay in bed with comfort in amber eyes. Once tall as his waist—boy, learning to crawl, dragged it with joy behind. Once it was small enough to carry—hid in backbacks on his way to school. Now its paw resides in his back pocket.

May dribbles - 19

Digging the earth, the undergrowth and weeds the other day, I pulled out grass, passed string round straggling flowers, dug roots of dandelions, and found a bear. No fearsome thing with teeth and nails, this bear lay quiet in a nest of green. Somewhere a small child weeps for him.

May dribbles - 18

Mother, well-dressed, upright and firm, pushed the buggy one-handed while clutching a well-dressed, upright and brightly clean toddler. Babe in the buggy reached fingers down to wheels; messy fingers, grubby tee-shirt, black and green wiped down her teddy bear which fell to earth. Brother smiled and rescued it for her.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

May dribbles - 17

Danny made a teddy bear for school. He made teddy arms that looked like broken stumps. He made a leg, a body and a head. Then he asked his Granny to help with the bundles of wool. Granny un-knitted and knitted all through the night till Danny’s teddy looked alright.

May dribbles - 16

Airport crowds were gathering; business men with bulging computer bags; elderly ladies with walking sticks; young women talking on the phone; young men speaking into space because their phones were strapped to their ears; and harassed Mom with baby, buggy and bear.

Bear fell. Stranger rescued it. And baby smiled.

May dribbles - 15

Red bear, shiny bright, bounces down the stairs.
Orange bear eats toast and cereal.
Yellow bear plays happily and dances everywhere.
Green bear’s getting grass-stains on his shirt.
Blue bear starts to cry and hopes his Mommy cares
Indigo bear gives warm-bear hugs.
And violet is ever-loving, caring, sharing bear.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

May dribbles - 14

His heavy body parts the branches wide. Bride at his side, sleek-furred and lumbering, small cub behind, the bears have woken, stroll in warm spring sun. A handful of berries, a scent of fresh-grown leaves, then sudden shrieks—they make their way through trees to see… the teddy-bear people’s picnic.

May dribbles - 13

Jenny laid her doll in the grass. Brother Tom sneaked a peg from Mom’s clean washing—left blankets trailing in dust—and pegged the doll by long fair hair to sleep on the washing-line. Jen pegged his teddy by the ears. Mom pegged his dungarees—Tom was still wearing them.

May dribbles - 12

She hugged her teddy, thumb in mouth, small fingers wrapped in fur. She hugged her parents, siblings, friends. She hugged her boyfriend—happy teen—hugged husband, children too. Then children grew and mother, grandmother, great-grandma hugged, till only ted was left in memory, threadbare and worn, hugged till the end.

May dribbles - 11

The cold wind blew with memories of air-raid sirens’ tunes. Children marched in lines from school and gathered on the field. “Going to dig for victory,” the teacher said, waving her spade. “All the sods go over there.” Then little Jack, sweet silly sod, picked up his teddy and walked.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

May dribbles - 10

When Grandma died, Jane and Jack had to tidy her house and empty the attic. “Nothing but cobwebs up here,” groaned Jack.
“Memories too.”
“Just junk.” Jack thought they should throw it all out till Jane found box containing Teddy.
“Gran kept my Ted?”
“Gran loved you.”
“Guess she did.”

May dribbles - 9

Seagulls squalled, sand-shadows blew, balls bounced and little Tom wandered far to the waves. Water whispered secret tales of monsters, mermaids, whales. Tom’s Teddy smiled so Tom wasn’t afraid. Then mother called, “Tom, where’ve you gone?” Suddenly scared, Tom cried; but Ted bounced high so Mom could see the way.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

May dribbles - 8

One day three bears tried to walk past the pussy-cat’s box. “Miaow,” said the cat, scarily. Biggest bear said, “Don’t eat me. My brother’s much fatter.” Next bear said, “My brother’s yummier.” Littlest bear said, “Don’t eat me or my little girl will cry,” so cat let them all pass.

May dribbles - 7

One day three little bears ran away from their toy box. Biggest bear built a little log house, but doggie blew it down. Middle-sized bear built a house from painted bricks, but doggie knocked it down. Littlest bear built a house from blankets and snuggled in bed with his boy.

May dribbles - 6

Tall trees cast shadows brown and green on softly rustling ground. Cool air buzzed with the sound of bees. Warm honey scents mixed with damp of earth and perfumed flowers. Low voices sang and bubbling waters laughed. Then little boy peeked through his hands to see the bears at play,

May dribbles - 5

When little Jane was afraid of school, her mother knitted a teddy to live in her pocket.
When Jane’s small son didn’t want to go to school, Jane let him borrow baby bear.
When Jane’s Mom died, little grandson slipped the ted into Grandma’s pocket, “So Grandma won’t be scared.”

May dribbles - 4

Teddy bear Teddy bear twirl around
Teddy bear Teddy bear touch the ground
Teddy bear Teddy bear jump for joy
Cuddle your girl-child; cuddle your boy.
Teddy bear Teddy bear smiles today
Teddy bear Teddy bear laughs and plays
Teddy bear’s happy’n we’re happy too
Teddy bear we love you.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

May dribbles - 3

Little boy went shopping with Mom. Teddy came too. Little boy ran away and hid. Teddy came too. Teddy peeked and Mom saw Ted; found boy. Little boy ran on stairs and fell. Teddy fell too. Boy landed safe and sound on Ted, but Ted was hurt. Mom mended Ted.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

May dribbles - 2

One day a small bear wandered into a house. He found dinner for three on the table, and ate it. He climbed a chair to reach a fruit-bowl and broke three chairs. He went into the bedroom and fell asleep on three beds. Three big scary humans ran off screaming.

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Monday, May 2, 2011

May dribbles - 1

“Check out that bear, man.”
The young men stared where long-haired beast lazed happily, caged but free. One bear stood tall; another crouched. Then both rolled on the grass and laughed at the sun.
“Check out that bare man,” said the bear.
“We look so much better with hair.”

Bearman Cartoons is raising money for charity again. Just follow the link and join in! It’s easy. Be kind. He’s generous.