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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

April - NaPoWriMo - 28

I used to write
With mushroom clouds
And endings to it all.
I used to say
How I would watch
The day bombs start to fall.

I well knew how
To make friends cry
Drew dragon’s tears from eyes.
I’d share them all
And call them all
With haunting lonely sighs.

I used to write
An end to it
And maybe still I will.
But in the garden
White caps rise
And spill with summer’s fill.

I used to write
And weep, today
I’ll try to smile for you.
For see the shapely
White on gray
Are summer cloud’s renewed.

Written for ReadWritePoem #28 - intuition - freewriting


1965 Footprints said...

So lovely and honest. Good, Sheila!

Marianne ... said...

Beautiful words in this poem, Sheila!

Anonymous said...

The image of mushroom clouds is so haunting-- I like how it ends on a note of renewal.