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Sunday, April 25, 2010

April - NaPoWriMo - 25

The sky’s gone gray
They didn’t say
It was going to rain today.

We’d planned to go
See flowers and so
It really isn’t fair.

My Gran would say
It’ll do okay
There’s still enough blue there.

But we just moan
The clouds have grown
The sunshine’s growing cold.

My Gran would smile
She often did
The sun’ll come out in a while.

Enough blue sky
To patch a sailor’s
Britches make them bright.

I wonder if
We get the choose
The way that we grow old.

Maybe we just
Wake up one day
And see the sky’s turned gray.

Written for ReadWritePoem # 25 from the first thing someone said to me after reading the prompt.


Anonymous said...

I especially like the close of the poem. Good way to wrap it up.

Alina said...

Yes. We alone can either make our world blue or gray. Imagine having all that power and not using it right... great one! xx