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Thursday, April 1, 2010

April - NaPoWriMo - 1

Smile empty soul
And they won’t see
The tears behind your eyes.

Unstable land won’t let you fall
If you hold tight to memories of lies.

Count on your fingers, toes;
There’s 30 seconds to Mars and war
And dreams that no one knows.

You switched the TV on, opened the book, and read the chapter -
V for victory
For dying -
And you cried.

Ah, empty soul
Did memories and lies agree on this
That no one else should see your eyes?

I read another chapter now
Becoming I for mine
And 30 seconds slowly ticking by
To wonder why.

Written for ReadWritePoem's April 1st prompt: use five CD titles in a poem. Being musically, or albumly challenged, I read five album labels from the shelves in my son’s room and made this list.

smile empty soul
30 seconds to Mars
becoming i
Chapter V