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Thursday, April 22, 2010

April - NaPoWriMo - 22

The squalling clouds shed tears last night
While sunshine painted pepper on the sky.
Rainwater bled the light away
To black and white and gray.

Reverberating roadways crawled
On fields of yesterday till colors all
Were saffron rust and locked away
In black and white and gray.

By dizzied crow, fierce shoots appeared
With tendrils green that flinched amid the fear
Of yesteryear. I tried to pray
For black and white and gray.

The earth’s emporium, mustard-seed
Of hope tomorrow wakening the tree
Belabored hearts might turn away
From black and white and gray.

Then morning wakes
And colorizes dreams.

Written for readwritepoem # 22, a wordle of Reverberate
Rust, Saffron, Pepper, Tomorrow, Emporium, Dizzy, Squall, Fierce, Crow, Flinch, Tendril: and earth day.


Only Footprints said...

Excellent. I love your wordle!

Marianne ... said...

Wonderful poem, Sheila! I love that you were able to include all 12 words in this piece. Very creative!