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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

April - NaPoWriMo - 21

In the top corner of the bathroom
By the shower
There’s a web where a spider spends hours
Just watching and waiting
To stare at me.

I’d scream of course
If he were in the bath
But mostly I cope by not looking up.

I did the vacuuming today
And could have blown him away but decided not to
A stray thought suggesting
Maybe spiders eat other creatures
That might hide somewhere out of reach.

I tell myself
He’s only offering to help
And clean away
All the insects I still haven’t seen.

I’m seriously hoping he’s not a she.

Written for ReadWritePoem # 21 perfectly flawed


Anonymous said...

Perfect poem for today's prompt.

Marianne ... said...

To vacuum the spider or not to vacuum the spider, that is the question ... and a good one it is! I would opt for vacuuming the crawly thing up. Good poem, Sheila!

skankinmoon said...

This is neat-o. I hate spiders, but I like that this poem gives the little guy, or girl, a personality.

Anonymous said...

"I'm seriously hoping he's not a she."-- I'm with you there, Sheila!

Alina said...

I enjoyed this one! (I actually enjoy ALL of them :0)