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Monday, April 12, 2010

April - NaPoWriMo - 12

The broken window won’t let me in.
The slide’s on its side in the garden
With carrots and turnips climbing through dreams
Where broken glass refuses to let me pass.
Childhood ends when your thumbs turn green.

The broken window’s outside the house
And shadows fill the rooms
But a mouse is hiding underneath geranium blooms
And the stadium roars for victories unseen.

I think if I pretend I’m inside
I’ll see the toys and games and realize
That nothing’s changed.
Old lady sits in her chair and knits
While carrots and turnips and climbing frames
Slide through her dreams.

Written for ReadWritePoem # 12 - nonsense sentence secret code


markoolio said...

I enjoyed the organic nature of the garden and the broken window imagery clashing with childhood.

Nicely done!


Marianne ... said...

I love this one, Sheila! My mom is one of those old ladies who knits all winter long while she dreams about her first love, her summer garden. "With carrots and turnips climbing through dreams" is such a great image. Well done!

Anonymous said...

beautiful! I love the imagery and the climbing through the dreams :)

Only Footprints said...

The last two lines are beautiful. I'll remember those.

Uma Gowrishankar said...

I loved the dream like quality of the poem. And Shila I checked out your site, what an accomplished and talented person you are. Kudos.

Alina said...

Nostalgic and beautiful. Always a pleasure to read what you have to say xx