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Sunday, April 18, 2010

April - NaPoWriMo - 18

There’s a tiger in the grass
She won’t let the lions pass
You be careful not to sass
That fearsome tiger in the grass

There’s a lion cub at bay
In the corner and I pray
You won’t get too close they say
Lions eat you by the way

There’s a panther hear him roar
As he slips behind the door
And his eyes see far and sure
Wait, he’s coming back for more

There’s a little kitten crying
For her dinner she was trying
To be bigger now she’s flying
Little winner, meow, me-ighing
Better feed our little cat.

Written for ReadWritePoem #18 meow


Only Footprints said...

There's a lion in every cat. Good one!

Marianne ... said...

I enjoyed the way you've included different kinds of cats, from large and fierce down to a little kitten!

Anonymous said...

Fun, Sheila. Cats are all those things!