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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Frozen pen on a darkened rage

Write about you
Write who you are
Write what you think and you know.

Not going to do it
I know who I am
It’s a secret, I’m not going to show.

Write how you feel
What makes you cry
What makes your heart leap and fly.

Not going to do it
I’ve hid it and sealed it
In darkness and none can ask why.

Write it with heart
Write it with soul
Pour yourself out on the page.

Not going to do it
Not going to show you
The dark hidden secret of rage.

Not going to do it
I’m writing instead
About someone who never existed

She seems very real
And she lives in my head
And she’s got all my miseries listed

She pours them all out
In her hurt and her rage
And she fills up a book and a page

Till she’s written it all
And I no longer need
Even think how to write about me.

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