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Monday, April 15, 2013

A Mother's Cry

I held his hand. He dreamed
A tiger in the night
And every answer seemed
A little boy’s delight
Except for this his fright.
Mom send the dream away he prayed.
I prayed perhaps I might
Let good dreams stay.

I watched him grow full weaned
My infant gone from sight
And from his words I gleaned
Small pittances of light
Small hopes to reunite.
He did not need me now. I weighed
My needs against his rights.
Let good dreams stay.

The uniform’s dark sheen
So perfect fitted tight
With promises and meaning
Rules my acolyte
With broader strokes than mine.
He’s pledged to war his name he says
To freedom’s lofty height
Let good dreams stay.

Sleep well my son tonight
Live well my child today
And when the stars shine bright
Let good dreams stay.

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