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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

December drabbles - 8

“It wasn’t me; it was him,” said Jen when she and her brother tripped over the Christmas lights and got tangled in wires.

“It wasn’t me; it was her,” said David. Lumps of ice made a trail of snowy footsteps behind them on the carpet.

“It wasn’t me; it was him,” said Jen. They’d forgotten to close the door so the dog and cat were outside in the yard.

“Not me; WOOF; it was her.” The dog looked aggrieved. The cat looked proud of the chaos they’d achieved. And both were trapped under slowly deflating snowmen crowned with twinkling stars.

1 comment:

Alina said...

What a delightful drabble! Funny, but having had children I could actually "see" the picture and the mess :0)