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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

December drabbles - 22

“Frank’s the sensible one.”
“He’s what?” asked Mom.
“Frank’s in sense.”
“Oh, right.”
“So Frankie’s the king.”
“Frank who?”
“David’s big brother Frank.”
“Gone to college I think.”
“And David’s washing socks.”
“David’s what?”
“He’s a shepherd, in the play”
“He washes socks by night you see. And Jeremy’s the flea.”
“What flea?”
“The one that Joseph took.”
“Joseph did what?”
“He took his wife and son and flea to Egypt.”
“Not sure about that.”
“But I don’t know why.”
“You don’t know what?”
“A flea would’ve made them scratch I think.”
And imagining it was making Mommy itch.

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sarah said...

ouch!!!! this is funny.