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Thursday, December 3, 2009

December drabbles - 2

Oscar’s a cat. Timmy’s a boy. Oscar chases butterflies. Timmy chases Oscar. Oscar chases butterflies up trees and Timmy says “No.”

Oscar couldn’t find any butterflies in winter. He thought the Christmas tree lights looked fun and he chased them to the top. Timmy said “No.” Timmy’s Mommy said “No.” And Oscar caught the fairy but she wasn’t a butterfly.

“Yuk” said Oscar, but it sounded like “Meow.”
“Naughty cat,” said Timmy.
“Give it back,” said Timmy’s Mommy.

Oscar caught a butterfly biscuit that Timmy threw to him. Then Oscar dropped the fairy and said “More.” It sounded like “Meow.”

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