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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

If I write words that nobody reads...

I used to read my Bible and listen to God while feeding the baby. I asked, "Why do you give me so much when I haven't got the time to pass anything on?" "Perhaps My words are a gift just for you."

The kids grew older. I read my Bible and wrote down the words I received. "Why do you give me so many words when nobody's going to read them?" "Perhaps they're a gift for one reader, and that's enough."

Then the kids grew up. I found a publisher. "Why do you give me  books when they won't sell?" And God won't tell. But perhaps that just means I should have listened closer to Him before.


Robin L. said...
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Robin L. said...

Dearest Sheila, I see you have written more books than I knew, and I love your writing and your sweet heart! I have a suggestion: Perhaps now it is time to step out and say, "My books are going to sell well! My books ARE selling. They are selling magnificently! Someone I know and trust very much--but not as much as I should--said, "When you pray, believe you have what you ask for, and you shall have it." Those may not be the exact words, but they're close. I believe these words are for people who follow Him and want His will. He holds back on doing many things that are His will simply because He wants people to ask Him for those things and agree with Him that He speaks them into existence. That's one of the reasons He made us in His image: to love Him, and to partner with Him in doing good. Sure, He could do it all by Himself, but like you and me, He loves our love and trust more! Be blessed, and may your writings all be blessed!