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Friday, May 28, 2010

May drabbles - 28

When Mom died; that’s when the trouble started, though perhaps it had always been there. Tom grew older while his Dad grew young, until the friend that was fun and forgetful and silly had all but disappeared: Sad and fretful and angry; bad and wetting the bed; mad and setting his son’s life on end.

“Milk in fridge. Switch off cooker.” Mom’s old tradition of notes left round the house acquired new meaning now that Dad couldn’t read.

Tom stared at the number and agreed, he needed help. But could he ask? Love and trouble; memories; it’s hard letting go.

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Alina said...

"Tom grew older while his Dad grew young" What a perfect way to describe this situation! It brought back memories, when my mother became "too young" I too had to dial that number and ask for help...