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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

May drabbles - 11

They pose for the photo: Grandma in her armchair wrapped in a shawl, she who never knitted at all; Mother behind, stands firm and tall, hoping baby won’t cry and the kettle won’t boil; Daughter sits, back straight and shoulders back, while Baby, little new-born fourth-generation, sucks her fist and threatens to squall.

Father, or is he Grandfather now, clicks the shutter. Son-in-law says, “What do I do when the kettle makes a noise?” Brother shuts the kitchen door, hiding the mess safe inside, because it’s Mother’s Day and there’s pictures to take.

Grandma falls asleep and Mother brews tea.

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Mary said...

This is great!

I hope you'll follow my blog too - I write flash fiction. :)