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Sunday, January 3, 2010

January drabbles - 3

“Daddy, what does it mean if I wish on a star?”
“Means you’re wishing really hard.”
“Can stars make wishes come true?”
“Nope. That’s up to you.”
“So why…?”
“…because stars remind you what you wished for and that makes you try.”

“Daddy, why’re you lighting candles in church?”
“Means I’m praying for something I really care about.”
“Does God make prayers come true?”
“I think He does.”
“And do candles remind Him, like stars?”
“It’s us need reminding.”
“Reminding of what?”
“That He cares too.”

“Daddy, what if your prayer-candles go out?”
“That’s when God lights star-candles in heaven.”

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