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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

January drabbles - 26

“Does he love me, d’you suppose?”
“Why d’you care?”
“Sister, I’m going to marry for love.”
“As if anyone knows.”
“Mother does.”

“You really think our mother married for love?”
“Yes. It’s in her eyes; she and Daddy; the way they smile.”
“But smiles can lie.”

“Is he here yet sister? I thought I heard his carriage.”
“He’s talking to Daddy.”
“What will he say?”

“Is he smiling sister? D’you suppose they were talking ‘bout marriage.”
“I expect.”
“Hurray! What shall I say?”

“Did he love me, d’you suppose? I wanted to marry for love.”
“Silly girl. He loves me.”

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