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Monday, November 16, 2009

November drabbles - 15

“Will you marry me; my wife is six weeks dead, I need another?”
“Will you marry me; my husband's eight weeks gone?”
“Will you marry me; my daughter’s sad'n' really needs a mother?”
“Will you marry me, be father to my son?”
“Will you marry me; I need someone to cook the food I grow?”
“Will you marry me and bring me food to cook?”
“Will you marry me; I’m lonely here, and so…”
“I’ll marry you; I’ve nowhere else to look.”
They married each, no need for priest, which Gospels don’t decree,
In accordance with “laudable custom,” secular, free.


maryrussel said...

I'll still take a marriage built on love.

I still you are still the Queen of Drabble. Great job.

maryrussel said...

That should read, I see you are still . . .