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Sunday, November 1, 2009

November drabbles - 1

I read Nathaniel Philbrick's Mayflower a while ago - highly recommended. With that and other history books, I'm hoping I might stay fueled with ideas for a months worth of Thanksgiving drabbles - a hundred-word short story for each day in November.

They knew the world was ending from the fire up in the sky. They knew it, looking in the Book, when highest hopes bled dry and friends lay dying. Rabbles roused to fight throughout the streets that housed their dreams, their leader seeming lost to them in jail.

They knew the world was ending but they knew they had to try. And so they sailed the hopeful tide, but slow and should have known how man would fight and lie to them. Still, God defended, ever at their side.

Mayflower given, they sailed the mighty seas; world’s end and free.

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maryrussel said...

Great start on your Mayflower drabbles. Just loved your Halloween ones too. What a mind you have!

Are you going to offer a book called Halloween?