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Thursday, March 7, 2013


When rain was falling in torrents I prayed to you.
When you gave me too much sunshine I prayed to you.
When you froze me out with snow I prayed to you.
When you warmed me with the melting frost I prayed.

Facing strangers from a distant province I prayed to you
Facing neighbors who called themselves friends of mine I prayed
Knowing not where I should go I prayed to you.
And choosing to go where I wasn’t led I prayed.

When sense dissolved into nonsense I prayed to you.
When dreams dissolved into nightmares still I prayed.
When daytime came too slow I prayed to you
And when it left again too fast I prayed.

When tears are falling in torrents I’ll pray to you
My comfort and sublimest hope I’ll pray.
Wherever I turn or go I’ll pray to you
From here until the last my Lord I’ll pray.

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