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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Drips 1 - 31

Okay, it's cheating, but I've got a whole series of drips for December so I'm posting them all in one as a special Christmas post. 25 words per drip. Hope you enjoy them. And Merry Christmas !

1.       Light, a flash, a star, a planet; water splashed from rain to sea. Green things grew, skies turned blue, birds flew, presaging animals and man.
2.       Light, creative flash of glory; man and woman tell the story; all of science balanced perfectly. Don’t eat that fruit, or else the balance breaks.
3.       Smoky meat burned on the fire. Smoky bread, lesser desire. Grain-grower spurned the shepherd, killed, and spilled blood fed the earth, but God will save.[i]
4.       Villages grow by river’s flow, caring, sharing, learning seed and hoe, till rivers go. Just when sunshine burned them dry, Noah’s flood raised waters high.
5.       We’ll build a tower to heaven they said but couldn’t agree on how. My way. This way. Obey. Or not, leaving the tower to rot.
6.       King of a city? Cheddar[ii] guy’s king of a tribe and the cities are razed. King of a castle? Abraham rescued his nephew. Melchisedek prayed.
7.       Doing no more sin than everyone else—than God’s own people did[iii]—it’s the way of the world. Then Sodom and Gomorrah burned and died.
8.       If you loved Him you’d give Him your son. Prove undying faith by sacrifice. Or by obedience. God provided Abraham a ram, provides the Lamb.
9.       Cheated his brother, deceived his father, ran away from his mother, least of the low. Then Jacob saw stairways to heaven; God raised him high.
10.   Little brother drove his siblings crazy so they sold him. Little slave believed and prayed, let God interpret dreams, then saved the world, including brothers.
11.   Build a city. Name it after me. Where shall it be? Find some builders. Turn them into slaves. Who shall they be? Ah, shepherds! Mine.
12.   The women always cause trouble. Pharaoh’s daughter fell in love with the baby and brought it up. Dear Moses. Now Granddad’s[iv] going to get him.
13.   Run away. Give up your dreams, your hope, your people. See. But fiery mountain, burning bush, and God—“I am”—sent Moses back to save.
14.   One rule—don’t eat that tree. Ten commandments. 623 laws. One rule—love God alone. One law—love your neighbor; God loves your neighbor too.
15.   Twelve tribes; they split and recombine; they take the land, ally, and re-ally—somewhere along the line forgot—alliance with God’s people means with God.
16.   One nation under God and king, and from his line, his tribe, his town where shepherd tended flocks, the Lamb will come. His people watch.
17.   The enemy’s at the door, the army’s at the gates, and more. The prophet smiles and promises a child, called “God with us.” God saves.
18.   The people were enslaved, but that’s okay. They had good food, good jobs; just follow different gods and prosper here. Or feed the royal lions.
19.   He saw the future, statues, kingdoms, saw them rise and fall, and over all, he saw one like the Son of Man who saves us.
20.   Exiles return. New enemies burn. Oil’s gone and the candle’s burned dim. Sufferers pray. God wins the day. Eight days and their victory’s in Him.
21.   The noisy wife begged, “Pray for a child.” The noisy priest planned his speech. The quiet angel promised a son and the father fell silent.
22.   The prophet promised a maiden’s child. The angel promised it too. Then maiden carried the heavenly babe all wrapped in a human womb. Rejoice. Rejoice.
23.   Astrologers promised a glorious king. The stars proclaimed it too. Then wise men rode the desert wide to find where heaven’s holy child might lie.
24.   Shepherds watched their flocks by night. Glory shone around too bright. Then shepherds cried, afraid. “Fear not.” God’s angel promised hope, an infant born tonight.
25.   No room at the uncle’s, the aunt’s, the friend’s or the lodging house. No room but the stable; it’s warm; there the baby was born.
26.   He fled to Egypt—Moses fled from there. He lived in poverty like David did. He healed the sick as prophets did before. He is…
27.   He read God’s word, declared it now fulfilled. He slipped away from crowns’n crowds. He stilled the storm, as only God can do. He is…
28.   He raised the dead. He gave sight to the blind, opened men’s ears. He rode a donkey when they offered warriors and war. He is…
29.   He is the Lamb. He gave his flesh as food. He is the Man. He gave his blood as wine. He answered them, “I am.”
30.   My every sin led to the cross, my every lie a thorn, my pride a sword to pierce his side. My savior died for me.
31.   On the third day He rose. Though soldiers watched and politicians planned, though dreamers ran away. On the third day He rose. So shall we.

[i] Abel sacrificed meat to God while Cain sacrificed grain. Jealous of God’s seeming acceptance of Abel’s sacrifice, Cain killed his brother.
[ii] While Lot lived in Sodin, the Cities of the Plain rebelled against Chedolaomer who marched down on them, taking their kings and people hostage. Abraham led an alliance of nomads to the rescue, and Melchisedek, king of Salem, made an offering of bread and wine to the most high God.
[iii] Judges 19
[iv] If the Pharaoh’s daughter was Moses’ mother, the Pharaoh must be his Granddad.

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