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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

September drabbles - 7

Sun glistens,
Dripping scents of honey
On whispering waves.

Man’s not listening
Buries his head and money
In the sand.

Morning scatters
Bread on the evening waters
Healing the land.

Sun glistened
Shone in the black reflection
Of the waves.

Man listened
Only to safe deflection
Of her rage.

Earth bleeding
Hiding her sores underneath
Till they blotted the page.

Earth like a bride sorely wounded
Bleeding her lifeblood, the newly
Devoted, devouring her beauty
Rescuing roamers who knew she
Would cry late-lamented, and blue sea
Awakes from the gray.

Sun glistens
Man learning to listen
Life and hope remain.

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